Saturday, October 27, 2007

We've been working hard...

We've not posted in a while because we've been working so hard. There's tons of stuff to do! However, my main task is done! Yessir! I've completed the painting of my share of the British troops. And here they are:

What you see above is:
  • CinC (Wellington), 1 figure
  • 9lb Royal Foot Artillery, 3 models and 9 figures

  • Brigadier (Hill), 1 figure
  • 95th Rifles (1 coy), 2 figures
  • 14th Foot (Buckinghamshire), 20 figures
  • 30th Foot (Cambridgeshire), 20 figures
  • 39th Foot (Dorsetshire), 20 figures

  • Brigadier (Piction), 1 figure
  • 95th Rifles (1 coy), 2 figures
  • 2nd Royal Guards (Coldstream), 24 figures
  • 42nd Highland (Black Watch), 24 figures
  • 92nd Highland (Gordon), 24 figures

  • Brigadier (Steerwitz), 1 figure
  • 95th Rifles (1 coy), 2 figures
  • 23rd Foot (Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 20 figures
  • 40th Foot (2nd Somersetshire), 20 figures
  • 69th Foot (South Lincolnshire), 20 figures

  • Brigadier (Uxbridge), 1 figure
  • 12th Light Cavalry (Prince of Wales Own), 16 figures
  • 1st King’s Dragoon Guards, 8 figures
  • 2nd North British Dragoons (Scots Greys), 8 figures
  • 6lb Royal Horse Artillery, 3 models and 9 figures

This is 252 men, 36 horses and 6 guns painted for Millennium. This, of course is only a small part of the entire game in which up to 20 players (each commanding one Brigade). We are figuring on brigades being about 3 battalions. Of course, if there are fewer players we can form larger brigades. Paul Bishop and Ed Youngstrom will contribute the rest of the figures.

Go to the Millennium X website and pre-register and sign up for your place at the table!

"Take command of a brigade of Napoleonic infantry or cavalry in this corps vs corps engagement loosely based on several of battles in Spain. All figures will be provided, but if you have 25mm troops based 24-figures (or so) to the battalion and 4 troopers to the squadron, bring 'em along!! Rules are 30:1, and each side will have a reinforced we expect almost 2,000 figures on the table."
This is game number: MN21 and it begins on Saturday afternoon.

The ground we fight on...

This is the table cover for MillenniumCon 2007. Since this is a corps-size Napoleonic game, with 24-figure battalions, we figured we need LOTS of manuever room.

There will a styrofoam ridgeline in the center where the big monochrome light green splotch is, and of course it will be decorated with trees, lichen, buildings, and a thousand or two figures!

A ground cloth may not be the most beautiful thing, but it beats plain felt in looks and is a lot more portable than terrain boards when you drive a Honda...