Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Order of Battle

This is our planned order of battle. For now it's simply a list of units. As time permits, Ed an I will turn the units into links to other pages where the progress toward assembling and painting can be followed. You will also notice some unit designations missing. That's simply because I haven't yet decide which units they be.

British C-in-C
1st Battery, Royal Artillery (6,9pdr)

1st British Division
2nd Battery, Royal Artillery (6,9pdr)

1st British Brigade
2nd Royal Guards (Coldstream)
42nd Highland (Black Watch)
92nd Highland (Gordon)
95th Rifles, 1 coy

2nd British Brigade
30th Foot (Cambridgeshire)
39th Foot (Dorsetshire)
3rd Foot (East Kent)
95th Rifles, 1 coy

3rd British Brigade
Nth Foot (tbd)
Nth Foot (tbd)
Nth Foot (tbd)
95th Rifles, 1 coy

2nd Brunswick Division
1st Brunswick Foot Battery (6,6pdr)

4th Brunswick Brigade
Leib Battalion
1st Light Battalion
2nd Line Battalion
Jager company, AvanteGarde

5th Brunswick Brigade
1st Line Battalion
2nd Line Battalion
3rd Line Battalion
Jager company, AvanteGarde (Light Infantry?)

6th British Brigade
10th Foot (North Lincolnshire)
58th Foot (Rutlandshire)
Roll’s Swiss Regiment
Rifle coy, Roll’s Swiss Regiment

Cavalry Division
1st Royal Horse Artillery Troop (6,6pdr)
1st British Cavalry Brigade
2nd North British Dragoons (Scots Greys) 3 sq
12th Light Dragoons (Prince of Wales) 3 sq

2nd Brunswick Cavalry Brigade
Brunswick Hussars 4 sq
Brunswick Uhlans 1 sq
20th Light Dragoons 4 sq
Troop of Foreign Hussars 1 sq

French C-in-C
1st French Division
20th co, 1st French Foot Artillery Regiment (6,6pdr, 2 5.5” how)

1st French Brigade
116th Ligne 3 bn
117th Ligne 3 bn

2nd French Brigade
5th Legere 3 bn
121st Ligne 3 bn

2nd German Division
Hessen-Darmstadt Foot Battery (4,6pdr)

3rd German Brigade
3rd Confederation of the Rhine Regiment (Frankfurt) 1 bn
Hessen-Darmstadt Regiment Gross- und Erbprinz 2 bn

4th German Brigade
1st battalion, 2nd Dutch Infantry Regiment
1st battalion, 4th Dutch Infantry Regiment
Hanoverian Legion Infantry Battalion

3rd Italian Division
9th Italian Foot Artillery Battery (6,6pdr, 2 5.5” how)

5th Italian Brigade
4th Line Regiment 2 bn
5th Line Regiment 2 bn

6th Neapolitan Brigade
1st Light Regiment 1 bn
1st Line Regiment 1 bn
2nd Line Regiment 1 bn

Light Cavalry Division
3rd Dutch Horse Artillery Battery (8,6pdr)

1st French Cavalry Brigade
4th Hussars 4 sq
29th Chasseurs a Cheval 4 sq

2nd German Cavalry Brigade
3rd Dutch Hussars 4 sq
Hanoverian Legion Chasseurs a Cheval 2 sq

Heavy Cavalry Division
7th co, 5th French Horse Artillery Regiment (4,6pdr, 2 5.5” how)

3rd French Cavalry Brigade
13th Cuirassiers 4 sq
24th Dragoons 4 sq

4th Italian Cavalry Brigade
2nd Italian Dragoons 4 sq
2nd Neapolitan Chasseurs a cheval 4 sq

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