Saturday, July 25, 2009

Perry Hard Plastic ACW

I recently paid a visit to Brookhurst Hobbies in Garden Grove, CA. Ed an I had been playing Memoir ‘44 the previous week and he had shown me his copy of Battle Cry. Which, naturally, had gotten me thinking about ACW.
Now I’ve always been biased against ACW games. I have no idea why. Just one of those things, I guess. We all have our likes and dislikes and sometimes they just defy explanation.
Anyhow, there I was in Brookhurst wandering the aisles daydreaming about making my own version of Battle Cry using painted miniatures when I espied the boxes of plastic Perry ACW cavalry and infantry.
I bought one box of each just to check them out with Battle Cry in mind. The cavalry box build up into a unit of 12 and the infantry box builds up into 2 units of 18. One thought led to another and before you know it, I was thinking that those unit sizes were very close to The Sword and the Flame units.
A few quick calls to Ed and a couple of emails later and we have hatched a plan to host an ACW even-up fight at a 2010 Millennium convention in Round Rock (Austin) Tx.
Here are some pictures of the Perry ACW plastics that have motivated us to start another convention project:
Cavalry Box Front
How could I resist a box with cover art like this?
Cavalry Box Back
The back of the box provides a rudimentary painting guide.
Cavalry Frame Front
The front of one of the three identical frames
Cavalry Frame Back
And the back of the same frame
Cavalry Frame Detail 01
A close up of one of the cavalrymen
Cavalry Frame Detail 02
A shot showing some of the detailed parts
Cavalry Frame Detail 03
One of the well sculpted horses
Cavalry Frame Detail 04
And here’s another

Infantry Box Front  Brookhurst price tag on the box says $24.99—a good price.
Infantry Box Back
Like the cavalry, the infantry box provides a painting guide
Infantry Frame Front
The front of one of the four identical frames
Infantry Frame Back
And, of course, the back view
Infantry Frame Detail 01
A good macro lens lets me show you the detailed sculpting
Infantry Frame Detail 02
The drum is two parts and clips over the knapsack
Infantry Frame Detail 03
Here you can see the front of the figure above
Infantry Frame Detail 04
And here you see the arms for the right figure above
I hope that these pictures have helped some of you decide whether you want these figures of not. I can only say that I’m so impressed with the quality, flexibility and low cost, that they have motivated me to move into an era that I otherwise would have left alone.
In the coming months, I will keep a running commentary on my progress on this project.

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