Sunday, January 14, 2007

And so it begins...

The first order is in! I've ordered all the British foot need for my part of the game. It's a big order that will complete 6 line, 2 highlander, and 1 Guards battalions. In addition, the guns and a foot artillerists are in the order.

I have begun the rebasing of the LPE troops I painted for Millennium 9 (the British foot and all the cavalry is what you see in the picture of my workbench). The Brunswickers are off the 3" stands and have been cleaned up. I ran out of Litko bases, but I have a ton of them on order.

The British figures are all Foundry and have been ordered through Neal at the It looks as though it might be two or three weeks before they arrive. That gives me some time to get ahead on the rebasing and painting of the figures "left over" from the LPE project.

In case you're wondering about how easy rebasing can be... The figures were glued onto the bases 3" bases for LPE. The bases were Litko and white glue was used on almost all of the figures (there were a couple that refused to stand up without the aid of super-glue). The figures were pretty easy to snap of the bases. I worked a common steak knife under the edge of the figure's base to loosen it and then just pulled it off. Only a couple of figures suffered any damage and that was limited to a couple of flakes of paint around the ankles. Since the flocking was also glued on with with white glue, I stood all the figures in a glass baking dish ankle deep in water. It only took a few hours to soften the glue. the glue was scraped off with a wooden toothpick (to avoid scratching the paint). The figure's base was then lightly scrubbed with a stiff brush to get any glue and flock out of any crevices.

Well, I've got plenty to paint while I wait for the Foundry order to arrive. Leader figures are high on the list. I need to paint the the remaining figures out of the Foundry Wellington set (I only needed two for the LPE game). There are five on foot and I 'm thinking of a making diorama for them.

And so it begins...

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