Saturday, March 31, 2007

The good, the bad, and the Neapolitans

If you have made it this far into our blog, you know that Im not much of a painter. But I am painting a portion of this army. I wanted units that were relatively interesting, but that no one cared how they look, or how they perform. That way, if they fail, no one is surprised!

So Im painting my Neapolitan contingent. For the game, the player commanding the Neapolitan units will be given a choice: field the unit at full strength, but subject to the rules on “Untested Units” which tend to result in poor performance, or to use them at greatly reduced strength but known and (slightly) improved quality. The latter choice represents the units’ state in the later campaigns, when they had shed most of the questionable elements and consisted of the remaining, battle-hardened veterans. See Charles Oman’s History of the Peninsular War, Volume 5 for more information on them. The actual page is available as part of the Amazon preview!


Anonymous said...

hi there

What are these Wellington rules? I have 1:33 armies which give French battalions of 24 and British of 20 so they sound like a fit with my unit sizes.

Ed Youngstrom said...

The are called "Wellington Rules" and were written by Buck Surdu. Currently they are available from Old Glory, and some other online stores.

Figures are singly mounted and scale is 1:30.